Psychological Issues and Air Travel

These are common form of health related issues while travelling by air. Stress related to travel and altitude is very common form of situation encountered by most of travellers. Other common problem is flight phobia (fear of flying).


Stress is involved any form of travel, particularly air travel due to the many things involved in it; like going to airport, checking in, documentation, walking long distances between terminals in terminal building etc. The stress can be encountered before and during the travel. This can be minimised by having good planning (good sleep before intended travel, keeping travel documents and all medications handy, leaving in time from home etc). 


Flight phobia is encountered at varying degree by individuals, and may range from a minimal anxiousness about flying to an extent where individuals are unable to travel by air at all disturbing work and leisure activities. Depending on the extent of the problem, travellers are advised to seek medical advice. For a longer term, traveller should seek psychological or psychiatrists help.


Use of alcohol to reduce anxiety is not advisable as it is less usually helpful and dangerous in case it is combined with other medications.


Lastly, air rage is an increasing phenomenon encountered, which is considered as a form of disruptive behaviour -associated with air travel. It is more likely related to higher level of stress, but less likely a part of flight phobia. Usually, it is preceded by excessive consumption of alcohol.